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Knight Rider Classic premired in the fall season of 1982 and ran till 1986. It stared David Hasselhoff and a high tech talking car owned by Knight Industries named KITT. This show was really entertaining where Michael Knight played by David Hasselhoff would work along side Knight Industries a group called the foundation which is lead by Devon Miles played by Edward Mulhare. They took on assignments to help save people from bad positions and missions to solve crimes.

How Michael Long became Michael Knight. He was a police detective that was shot and was close to death, when Wilton Knight of Knight Industries saved him and did total reconstrution and plastic surgery and he became Michael Knight. Michael was a was an excellent fighter, and worked well with his new partner a Car, that was not just any ordinary car it was KITT.

KITT or otherwise known as the Knight Industries Two Thousand was a black Pontiac Trans Am with lots of gadgets and gizmos.KITT also had a female mechanic named Bonnie played by Patricia McPherson to keep him running in tip top shape. The coolest part about KITT was that he talked and could carry on a conversation with you. The voice of KITT was played by William Daniels. KITT was bullet proof, and he had a turbo boost that would put NOS power to shame. He could eject anyone who may have ever offended him or was not suppose to be inside.

There were quite a few times he would send people sorrowing for lack of permission to be there. He could also drive himself anywhere, and had brains to compute or do about anything without any humans even prompting him. Numerous times he saved Michael's life and many other guest stars from near death.

4 Seasons, 90 Episodes - Canceled
September 26, 1982
Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime
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Knight Rider Classic Full Episode Guide

  • When he interrupts a robbery, Michael is shocked when one of the thieves commits apparent suicide, jumping out of a high-rise window. As Micheal investigates, it turns out a con woman posing as a voodoo princess is using special earclips that submit the wearers to become zombified slaves to her commands. Things become worse when Michael falls under her command.

  • Devon enlists Michael and K.I.T.T. to protect his friend's adopted son, who has become the target of a kidnapping plot. The case takes a strange turn when FLAG learns that the boy is rumored to be a descendent of an ancient cult leader.

  • Michael must fight off a Japanese terrorist cult. Nick O'Brien, a close friend of Devon's and owner of O'Brien Shipyard asks Michael to investigate why Suki Tanika, a powerful industrialist, is trying to run him out of business. His main concern is his fifteen-year-old son, Coy, a Japanese child he adopted. The Foundation learns that Tanika is trying to reinstate the Uyoku Cult--a terrorist group abolished after the war and illegal in Japan. Michael and K.I.T.T. learn that Tanika wants Coy as he is Kasuga Sukuritsu, and must be ordained Emperor Prince of the Uyoku.

  • Michael must go through a sea of lava in a Central American country to rescue an American accused of supporting the overthrown president of the nation by the military dictator who has usurped the power.

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