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Kuroko's Basketball is a sports based Japanese anime series telling the story of a small, but skillful high school freshman Tetsuya Kuroko as he attempts to help his new school become national basketball champions. The television series is based on a manga series originally published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan written and created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. The first season of Kuroko's Basketball consists of 25 episodes and was written by Noburo Takagi, and directed by Shunsuke Tada. The anime series was originally broadcast in 2012 following the completion of production by the Production I.G. studio.

The series focuses on the character of Tetsuya Kuroko, a freshman hoping to take part in the unheralded basketball program of Serin High School. Despite not being known by his new teammates Kuroko was the sixth member of the greatest middle school basketball team to play the sport in Japan, which became known as the Generation of Miracles. The other five members of Kuroko's middle school team have been recruited to private high schools around the country and must be defeated by Serin High School if they are to become national champions.

Kuroko must firstly become accepted by the other members of the team, including a member who has lived the majority of his life honing his skills in the U.S. Tetsuya Kuroko is smaller than the majority of his teammates, but is more skillful and is often laughed at by members of opposing teams before they play each other. Kuroko's Basketball shows the battles the members of the team face to break into the top teams in Japanese high school basketball; members of Serin High School must also learn to play as a team and help each other play to their strengths. As the season progresses Serin High School begin to be accepted as a serious threat to established high school basketball teams as they go on a long winning streak.

1 Season, 25 Episodes - Canceled
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  • The game has reached a fever pitch and some of the players are about to break. Can Kise keep up copy of Aomine or will Aomine finally be able to go all out.

  • Kise copy technique has lead Kaijo to take the early lead. With Touou keeping pace, Aomine is enjoying the pressure and is getting better each minute.

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