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The film entitled La Fuerza Del Destino is about the life and challenges of Ivan. The film starts when Ivan at the age of fourteen comes back to his native land with his mother Alicia. Ivan's father Juan is a very rich and influential businessman who does not recognize him as his. Alicia on her part works very hard to make sure her son has everything he needs in life. She starts working as a servant in the Lomeli Curiel family mansion. This family comprises Dona, the mother of the house, Lucrecia who is Dona's daughter, Lucrecia's husband Gerardo and their daughters Maripaz and Lucia.

Ivan sometimes follows Alicia to work to assist her, however, not long after, Maripaz returns home from studying abroad and Ivan starts developing feelings for her. Maripaz seduces him, they start dating and she becomes pregnant for him and this sets a lot of confusion in the family. After taking so many things into consideration,they decide to keep it a secret and save the family name from ridicule.

One day Ivan goes to visit his grandmother and finds his mother dying after comiting an abortion. Ivan is shocked as he had no idea about the pregnancy and as he leaves the house devastated, a group of assassins sent by Lucrecia, attack and beat him up. Luckily for him, his friends Camillo and Antolin rush to his aid but Antolin stabs and kills one of the assassins and Ivan is later accused of committing the crime and he runs away in fear to the United States where he meets Anthony. Anthony pays for his education and he becomes a successful engineer. He then advices him to return to Mexico and face Juan whom he blames for his mother's death.

At the end he returns and marries Maripaz just to keep his son Alex but later divorces her due to her infidelity.

1 Season, 86 Episodes - Canceled
La Fuerza Del Destino
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La Fuerza Del Destino Full Episode Guide

  • Camilo e Iv'án se recuperan gracias a una sanadora. Lucía e Iv'án se casan y Camilo conoce a una mujer que le llama la atención.

  • Antolin y Tony rescatan a Alex. Mientras que Antolin le dispara a Saúl, éste recibe un balazo del Gordo.

  • Iv'án es amenazado con matar a Alex si le avisa a la policía algo de lo que est'á pasando. Antolin y Camilo quieren ir a rescatarlo también.

  • Iv'án quiere pasar m'ás tiempo a solas con Lucía. Mientras tanto, Alex es secuestrado por el Gordo.

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