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La Tempestad (Spanish for The Tempest) is a Spanish-language telenovela, chronicling the love story between Marina, an attractive corporate executive and Damian, a handsome, daring fishing-boat captain. The story takes place in modern day Mexico, in a fictitious seaside community. Marina's mother moves there for her health and Marina is forced to go with her and accept a job at the local cannery which Damian's boat, La Tempestad, supplies with merchandise.

Unbeknownst to Marina, Mercedes, the woman who hired her, is actually her biological mother. Forced to give up her children (Marina has a twin sister) at birth, Mercedes has spent a lifetime building an empire and acquiring the resources she needs to locate and recover her daughters. This search will bring her close to various town residents who are involved in the unsavory business of human trafficking. One of them is Fulgencio, the town's mayor, whose daughter Esthercita thinks she's in love with Damian. Another is Hernan, Marina's fellow cannery executive and an old friend from school .

Put off by each other at first, Marina and Damian will first learn to work together, then find themselves falling in love, as they are caught in a maelstrom of intrigue, deceit and tragedy.

1 Season, 80 Episodes - Canceled
July 29, 2013
La Tempestad
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La Tempestad Full Episode Guide

  • Hernan escapes from the hospital and kidnaps Marina but Damian saves her and Hernan resigns. Marina and Damian finally get married and are happy with their kids.

  • Hernan is sentenced to 110 years confined in a psychiatric hospital. Beatriz says goodbye to Marina. Esthercita kidnaps her son and she decides to suicide.

  • Damian finds Marina and Hernan. Then threatens him at gun point. But then commander Robles decides to arrest him. Damian proves Esthercita's deception to everyone.

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