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Larry King Live was a talk show that focused on current events. The show aired from 1985 till 2010 and was one of the most watched programs on the CNN network. The show had more than a million viewers per episode. King was known for interviewing more prominent individuals, like celebrities and politicians. His style was very up close and personal, and he always asked the questions that were on everybody’s mind, but few were afraid to attempt.

The show was not only popular in the US, but was a worldwide sensation. The one hour broadcast could be seen up to three times each day. One thing that attracted people to King was the fact that he would go on location quite a bit. He would interview people from the unique places, including the White house and a prison cell. The key to the success of the show was from King’s declaration that he doesn't prepare for his guests; rather he let the conversations just flow naturally. The show was never really about journalism, but more of entertainment with a bit of information slipped in. King was later replaced by Piers Morgan and ended his career on a high note.

Daily at 09:00 pm on CNN
7 Seasons, 20 Episodes - Canceled
June 3, 1985
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Larry King Live Grand Finale Episode Airs Thursday at 9 PM ET

The final episode of Larry King Live will air Thursday (9 PM ET/6 PM PT) after 25 years of great interviews with presidents and other high-ranking officials in the US and other countries and most popular and intriguing celebrities. According to CNN, Ryan Sea Crest will host the star studded grand finale of Larry King Live tonight called “Larrypaloosa,” a tribute to Larry King who will say goodbye to his avid viewers.

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