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Last Man Standing centers around a man named Mike, his family and his workplace. Mike is a real man's man who works in a sporting goods store. His family consists of his wife, three daughters and a grandson. As a real man type of character, Mike faces a lot of situations involving his three daughters. While his oldest daughter does have a young son, the two of them still live at home because she became pregnant while still in high school.

This show is categorized as a comedy so there are plenty of jokes passed between the different characters. As the show progresses the youngest daughter who had always been more of a tomboy, begins to change her interests which confuses her sports oriented father. The middle daughter is clearly a girly girl and is often the focus of many jokes spouted by her other two sisters. The wife is a strong woman who supports her children and often gets into debates with her husband over his lack of emotional sharing.

Mike's job at the sporting goods store is to oversee the advertising the store uses. The character interactions at the store include those with his boss and an employee who began dating his oldest daughter. The young man employed by the store is very easy going and not especially the brightest person in the store. This enhances the comedic feedback between the three key characters who work together in the store. Where Mike is level-headed, his boss often makes decisions based on his own best interests rather than the best interests of the store. Some of the themes for the show revolve around the activities related to sporting goods, such as fishing trips and car shows.

Some minor characters who show up from time to time include Mike's brother and father and his wife's sister. While the general format of the show centers around comedy, it is not without some serious points. Every once in a while, Mike will have a heart to heart talk with his wife or his daughters. Situations arise involving boyfriends, money and school, which are handled in a lighthearted manner.

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  • Everyone thinks they have the best remedy to help Eve deal with her first high school breakup.

  • Mike and Vanessa clash about hiring Chuck's company to protect the Outdoor Man billboard.

  • Mike is annoyed with the new noisy neighbor who loves DIY projects. But the situation worsens when Vanessa befriends her.

  • Mike gives Kristin and Ryan money to use towards their wedding.

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