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Nathan Ford was an insurance investigator famous for recovering priceless pieces of art, but this all changed when his son died after his own firm refused to pay for the treatment that could have saved his life. Broken and depressed, Nate leaped at an opportunity to organize a special assignment to help an engineer get revenge on the company that wronged him. The best criminals in the world were brought together, only to find that they were betrayed. After narrowly escaping a deadly trap, they work together to pull off the perfect con to get their revenge. By the end of the scam, they realize that they're just the right people to become modern-day Robin Hoods and help other innocent victims get their revenge.

Leverage focuses on the antics, heists and cons pulled by Nate and his team. The group provides free help to people in need, especially those who have been wronged by rich and powerful criminals who can't be brought to justice through normal routes. By using their combined skills, they can offer "leverage" against powerful villains and save the "little guy" each episode.

Nate's team is made up of four people. Sophie Devereaux is the grifter, a perfect actress and con artist who can trick any target into believing the most outrageous lies. Alec Hardison is the hacker, a true technological wizard who can hack anything that's electronic and build some devices that even mad scientists would envy. Parker is their socially stunted thief, who is able to get into any building, sneak past any security system and get out without anyone knowing what happened. Eliott Spencer rounds out the team as the "hitter," an incredibly skilled fighter who can protect the team from any thugs that the bad guys send out to get them.

Aside from the criminals that they take down with each case, the team also has to contend with a few lingering opponents. Interpol agent and rival investigator James Sterling holds a long-standing grudge against Nate, and tries to take the team down to both spite Nate and secure his promotion. The illusive Damien Moreau, and the secretive group that wants him captured, also interfere with the team's work.

Viewers can expect family friendly action and thrills, with the team often relying on quick thinking and careful planning to pull off perfect heists and con games.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on TNT
5 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Canceled
December 7, 2008
Action & Adventure, Drama
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  • In the series finale, Nate accepts a case linked to his son's death, and leads the team into their most dangerous con to date.

  • The team targets an unscrupulous CEO who is about to release a dangerous toy onto the market.

  • When a vineyard worker collapses in the field and dies, the man's daughter seeks help from the team. The team plots against the man responsible to discredit the rare bottle of wine he is using as collateral on his loan to buy the vineyard.

  • In order to prevent a businessman from destroying his company and the town it supports, the team resorts to The White Rabbit.

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