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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the drilling of natural gas. There is not better way to get the information out to the public then through a television documentary series. License to Drill is a serious that follow two groups that drill for natural has in the northern part of Canada over the course of the winter.

The crews being documents work for he MGM Energy Corporation and the Nabors Drilling organization. The documentary shows the tough nature of the work and the interactions between crew members. At time things can get tense and the crews may be fighting among themselves. Team members also complete individual interviews to give their commentary on certain situations.

The documentary also show the rough conditions that the crews must endure while drilling. In the winter the part of Canada that they are drilling often gets to be seventy degrees below zero. The crews have to constantly fight off frostbite and other natural dangers. While this job is not for most people there is a lot of money to be made drilling for natural gas. The documentary also shows the monetary success or failures of the teams. The show follows members of the crews as they risk their lives to make money. They can hit it big and make a lot or they are putting themselves at risk for nothing. The harsh weather conditions are real and so it the danger of freezing if proper precautions are not taken. The documentary follows the crews to work as they do a very rough and very demanding job.

Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 13 Episodes - Canceled
January 5, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Licence to Drill
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  • As the weather gets warmer, the drillers have to move to safer ground.

  • The drillers go for a target depth and see if they have hit paydirt.

  • Logan and Cody work together at the Penn West site in Alberta.

  • In Penn West some hard ground is chewing up all the drill bits.

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