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Life on Mars is a time travel television show. It follows the tale of Sam Tyler, a policeman who gets hit by a car. When he wakes, he notices that he has somehow jumped more than 30 years back in history. How or why he leaped backwards remains a mystery that drives the show. This willful ambiguity is shared by both the audience and Tyler, who is trying to figure out if he is dead, in a coma, has gone insane, or actually managed to really slip through time.

Life on Mars was originally produced for British television at a running time of 60 minutes per episode. John Simm played the role the of Tyler for the duration of the series. The program was jointly produced by BBC Wales, Kudos Film and Television, and Monastic productions. The creators of the show wrote the scripts for most of the episodes, and that included Chris Chibnal, Matthew Graham, and Ashley Pharoah. In the United Kingdom, it aired on two separate stations. The first season was broadcast on BBC1, but the second run on BBC4. Life on Mars ended after the second season. Critical reaction in the UK was largely positive for the first season. The finale of the second season sparked controversy.

The show had a brief life on American television as well. It only ran for one season on the network ABC. David E. Kelley made the initial pilot episode before passing the job off to others once the show was accepted. The show received critical acclaim, but it failed to keep viewers watching. This lead to its cancellation after only 17 episodes. BBC America also broadcast the two seasons original British version. The original has also ran in many other countries.

2 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Canceled
October 9, 2008
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
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Life on Mars Full Episode Guide

  • Sam is woken in the middle of the night by Gene - drunk, and apparently having killed someone. While the evidence stacks up against Gene, Sam tries to prove his Guv's innocence, watched by DCI Frank Morgan from Hyde division.

  • Heroin has hit the streets of Manchester and Gene wants culprits. When investigating the murder of a Ugandan Asian man, Sam battles against the bigoted reaction of his DCI. His sympathy is further stirred by messages from Maya, his Asian girlfriend in 2007.

  • Sam feels strange - stranger than usual. Whilst trying to work out the cause of his vivid imaginings, he has to deal with an urgent investigation when a man tries to hang himself in A-division. Sam must shake the demons from his head to help a desperate family.

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