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Life with Derek is a thirty minute comedy that first aired on the Disney Channel. It is about how two families emerge as one when the mother of Casey and Lizzie and the father of Derek, Edwin and Marti get married. It is about dealing with a new family and the changes that come along with it. Season one was taped in Corner Brook, Newfoundland Labrador. However, seasons two through four had been taped in Toronto, Ontario.

Along with the television series, there was also a movie that came after the show had come to a close entitled Vacation With Derek. George Venturi is the father of the family and works as a lawyer. He had previously been married to a woman named Abby. Nora McDonald-Venturi is the mother and works as a window treatment specialist.

Moving away from the adults, lets start with the youngest, Marti Venturi. Being the youngest, like any other child her age, she loves to have the attention on her. Edwin Venturi looks up to his older brother. He is often an accomplice in many of Derek's schemes. Lizzie McDonald is rather patient and enjoys sports. Casey McDonald happens to be idealistic and independent and academically ambitious. Derek is the rebel in the household.

4 Seasons, 69 Episodes - Ended
Children, Comedy
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  • Casey agrees to go out with Truman but things don't go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Edwin's friend Teddy returns and won't leave the Venturi-McDonald family alone. While everyone else wants him to leave, Derek decides to take him under his wing and George is away on a business trip.

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