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Lingerie is a new show that is on cable. The cable show is getting a lot of reviews. Some of the reviews are favorable while some are clearly neutral. The show is very adult in nature. This is definitely not a show for a younger audience. The show is filled with plenty of drama and romance in each episode. The producer of the series is John Quinn. The show stars Jennifer Korbin and Geoff Stevens.

Why do people tune in to see the show on a regular basis? Well, the buzz is that the show is filled with romance and a cast composed of very sexy people. The story line is also very interesting. The story line consists a cast composed of photographers, models, and artist in the New York City Lingerie Fashion Industry. Of course, the story line centers on the lead character who is played by Jennifer Korbin. Korbin plays a former model that is named Lacey Summers. Lacy has given up her modeling career to design lingerie. Lacy lives in one of those fabulous New York City Lofts that also doubles as her design studio. Mathew Fitzgerald is also in the show. Fitzgerald plays her younger brother Cody. Cody lives nearby and keeps a protective eye on his big sister. Lacy also has a love interest played by Michael Scratch. He plays Jason who is a fashion photographer. There are also several more regular cast members.

The story follows Lacy as she tries to make it big in the Big Apple. We watch her go through plenty of problems that confront single women looking for love in all the wrong places and trying to achieve a successful career at the same time. Parents should be forewarned. This is definitely a show with a very adult theme. There is plenty of romance and nudity. Perfect viewing for the more mature audience members.

Saturdays at 11:30 pm on CineMax
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Returning Series
July 3, 2009
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Lingerie Full Episode Guide

  • Nicole makes a confession which may end things with Cody. Tracy causes trouble during a sexy photo shoot for Jason's new book. Lacey asks someone special to help with the show. Marilyn and Cormac work together to bring down Giovanna. Nicole wants out of her contract but may lose everything in the process. Giovanna and Richard have a private photo session.

  • Russ is elated when Nina suggests a threesome. Giovanna and Richard throw a wrench into Cody helping finance Lacey's line. Jason wants to preview his photos at Lacey's spring show. Lacey has an exotic surprise for Jason and Vanessa.

  • Vanessa's popularity eclipses Hugh's, and it looks as though he will be written out of the show. Marilyn decides to get herself back into gear so she can help Lacey. Nicole overhears Giovanna plotting to use her to spy on Lacey. Sebastian learns about Giovanna's sabotage. Lacey, Jason and Vanessa have a private celebration.

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