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Lip Service is a TV show. It is aired at the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) from 1 - 2 p.m. in the afternoon. The presenter is a middle aged women of about 65 years old. The reason she started this show is because she realized that people don't know how to tame their tongues. It troubled her so much and this gave birth to the Lip Service Show.

She invites responsible men and women to come and make valuable contributions during the show. She also invites parents and work with them to help their children at home. Teaching them about good manners and taming their tongues. And being respectful to their seniors especially the elderly.

In fact, this is a very educative show. Especially as it deals with the youth too. You know, youths of now a days do not have respect for anyone. They talk as they like and doing anything they want to do. They don't listen to their parents. And that is why they fall into problems.

The show goes a long way to see to it that children, especially teenagers are reached. Topics that are touched are how to tame your tongue. How to say please and thank you and many others.

How to say please and thank you is one of the topics that is very interesting. Children think that it is their right to ask anything from their parents and must get. Be it by hook of crook. The manner they use to ask is not their problem. All they are interested in is getting what they want.

But Lip service show teaches them that even God is pleased when his children say please and thank him. That it is a good habit for children to learn how to say please and thank you to their parents. They should not take things for granted. Because they think their parents must provide for their needs.

You can send your contributions to this show through facebook and twitter.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes - Canceled
October 12, 2010
Comedy, Drama, Romance
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