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Parents are very cautious as to what their children watch on television. Little Bill is an excellent show to add to your child's entertainment. The show is based on the books written by Bill Cosby. Little Bill follows Bill Cosby as a young boy. Bill is in kindergarten. Little Bill's best friend is a hamster named Elephant. He would take his hamster everywhere he goes if he could. Bill is the youngest of his brother and sister. He is a very curious little boy. In each episode, Little Bill is learning something new. He goes on many trips where he is amazed by all the things in the world. Just like any other little boy, Bill loves his superheroes. Little Bill looks up to Captain Brainstorm. Captain Brainstorm is an astronaut. This is Little Bill's favorite show to watch on television.

Each episode will keep children entertained. They will also learn many different and new activities. This will help curious kids learn more about the world and it's surroundings. Parents will also enjoy watching Little Bill. Parents will notice their children learning manners and respect. The show will help children learn how to make new friends. It will also teach them to be kind to everyone they meet. Since Little Bill has two siblings, the show is great to teach children about their siblings. All siblings fight but Little Bill learns to get along with them.

Little Bill is for all ages. It is an excellent show for children ages three to seven. During these ages, children are still grasping new surroundings. Little Bill will help to teach children not to be afraid. He will teach them that they can be anything they want when they grow up. Parents don't have anything to be cautious about when it comes to Little Bill. The show will be a great addition to all children's favorite tv shows.

3 Seasons, 50 Episodes - Canceled
December 12, 1999
Animation & Cartoons, Family
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Little Bill Full Episode Guide

  • Playing space aliens, Little Bill pretends to be a giant Burple attacking Captain Brainstorm's spaceship. When his electronic spaceship toy stops flashing and beeping, Little Bill goes to his father to see what's wrong. Big Bill says it needs a new battery but that Little Bill is too little to go to the store himself. In turn, Brenda and April and Bobby also tell him he's too little. His feelings hurt, Little Bill drifts into fantasy.

  • Little Bill, Big Bill, Uncle Al and Fuchsia embark on a hike to Echo Falls, a big waterfall in the forest. Big Bill and Uncle Al explain to the kids that an echo is when you say something and then hear it back again. Little Bill, Big Bill, Uncle Al and Fuchsia are going fishing on a lake. Little Bill and Fuchsia anticipate the huge fish they're going to catch. Big Bill explains that you have to be patient when you fish.

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