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The story is based around a little 11-year-old German girl Saga Bergman, a young girl in a small town called Muhlenberg. Saga lives with her grandmother Regina and works in a coffee shop when not in school. Saga is extremely structured and plans her life down to the minute. One day, she notices a tiny creature in a fluffy outfit that appears to be starving. Little Snow Fairy Sugar premiered in Japan on TBS on October 2, 2001 and ran for 24 episodes until its conclusion March 26, 2002.

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1 Season, 28 Episodes - Ended
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Little Snow Fairy Sugar Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone is getting excited over the upcoming play, even the fairies. Impressed and inspired by Saga, Sugar and her fairy friends decide to put on their own play. Back at school, Saga is doing much better with her anxiety and her classmates shower her with praise. The day of the performance arrives and everyone must do their best.

  • Sugar finally learns what her "twinkle" is when the time comes for her to leave. It is a bittersweet moment when Sugar and Saga must say their goodbyes and Sugar is able to make her magic flower bloom.

  • Saga's piano is about to be delivered by Greta and Luchino. Things go awry when the piano is accidentally pushed down a hill.

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