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Lo que Callamos Las Mujeres is a television series produced by the Mexican television network TV Azteca, a microcosm of the various social issues affecting Mexican society. This series is based on real life stories submitted by viewers to the network, with the characters portrayed by actors.

This series stands out by its realism in creating the situations as believable as possible, adding an element of surrealism in that one can see the scenes unfolding at the same time. It started running on the network in 2001, running continuously since.

Each of the episodes revolve around a specific topic or problem, which is solved at the end of the episode. It has served as a form of therapy for women in general because it presents issues that are mostly taboo in Mexican society. Thus the name "Lo que callamos," meaning "What we silence," issues women mostly have kept to themselves.

Some of the issues involve divorce, suicide, family violence, pregnancies and many other controversial topics. This series raises awareness of the many issues affecting society and asks for a call to action through its episodes.

Azteca America
1 Season, 218 Episodes
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Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres Full Episode Guide

  • Los conflictos de una pareja cuando el hombre cree que el tiene el único derecho de ser el proveedor y la mujer no debe trabajar tanto.

  • Cuando un adolescente es emocional y esto afecta su día a día ante la indiferencia de sus padres.

  • La lucha de una familia por un ser que no han encontrado.

  • Un padre doble moralista humilla y maltrata a su esposa e hija.

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