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Lockup Extended Stay: Orange County is a documentary that goes into the prisons to capture the lives of criminals that are locked up in Orange County jail. The show is an MSNBC special that shows how these men cope with prison life. It is a realistic look at the lives that these criminals must endure after they begin to experience their new environments. It paints a vivid picture through interviews and real prison footage of the daily things that these prisoners engage in. It also shows the legal procedures that these new criminals go through as they transition to prison.

2 Seasons, 7 Episodes
Documentary & Biography
Lockup Extended Stay: Orange County
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  • Every week about 1,200 men and women are arrested and booked into the Orange County Jail in southern California. It's the 7th largest in the U.S., and lies within two miles of America's most famous mouse. Some will be released within hours. Others could be here for years until their charges are resolved in court. In this hour: One inmate launches a near fatal attack after being in jail for less than an hour; a father accused of murdering his daughter admits to keeping her corpse with him for two years; and a female inmate keeps a grim secret from her two best friends.

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