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Series Length:1 Season, 25 Episodes
Schedule: Saturday 5:30 PM et/pt on Anime Network

The television series Log Horizon is an anime show based on a novel series by the same name. The show is set in an alternative universe where there are over 30,000 gamers that are trapped in a game. These player come from all over the world but the most are from Japan. The game is an online fantasy called Elder Tale. For these players their pretend online game is now their reality.

Shiroe is the main character and in order to escape he teams up with Naotsugu, along with Akatuski. Akatuski is an assassin. Together the trio make their way through the different levels of the game looking for a way to get back to the real world. Each episode is another adventure and another attempt to escape this dangerous universe.

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Status: Currently Airing
Rating: 8.7/10
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  • Shiroe, accompanied by Crusty and Michitaka arrive at the banquet and easily counters Lord Malves' ruse with one of their own, forcing the latter to make a hasty retreat. Shiroe then excludes himself from the continuing festivities until Minori voices her concern over his actions. However Shiroe reassures her that he accepts appearing as the villain as long as he can accomplish his tasks, something which also Akatsuki berates herself for being blind to. Sometime later, Shiroe goes to meet with the contact he sent to Minami—Ōshima, although a disguised woman calling herself Dariella confronts him instead. Upon seeing through her disguise though, Shiroe forces the leader of Minami's lone guild—Nureha of Plant Hwyaden to reveal herself. Afterwards, each reveals the information they possess on the other's accomplishments, with Nureha also voicing her intention to recruit Shiroe because of a supposed past meeting of theirs. She then explains her knowledge of his research into finding a way back to the real world and bribes him with her resources and his ambivalence towards Akihibara. However Shiroe rejects Nureha's proposal, forcing her to withdraw, still with her goal to have him. Later, the Scale Festival enters its last stages and Log Horizon sits down to dinner and reassures Shiroe of their intention to help him however they can. Faced with new challenges, Shiroe issues Log Horizon their next goal of changing the world of Elder Tale.In the epilogue, Shiroe notifies Regan of his intention to leave Akihibara and Regan asks to accompany him.

  • Shiroe postulates that the People of the Land led by the newly arrived Lord Malves of Westelande to be responsible for the attack on the city, with the intention of destroying the Round Table's reputation and treaty with Eastal. In preparation to counterattack, Shiroe has his comrades provide him with more information while Minori does her best to keep Karashin's office flowing using the skills taught to her by Shiroe. Afterwards Shiroe begins plotting all the points of disturbances caused by the People of the Land but has difficulty in discerning a pattern out of their randomness until it finally dawns on him that the People are improvising on the spot. While stressed for a solution Shiroe gets a spark of genius after meeting Soujirou who had innocently beaten the cake contest with the help of his guild. In the meantime Lord Malves crashes the Twilight Banquet and corners Lenessia over his supposed mishandled cargo documents. Elsewhere, in a brilliant countermeasure, Shiroe uses the West Wind Brigade's infatuation with Soujirou as incentive for them to patrol the city and handle the disturbances. Shiroe and co. then learn of the banquet disturbance and decide to make the festival as enjoyable as possible with a fireworks display as their true counterattack. Finally, Shiroe makes an appearance at Lenessia's banquet.

  • The second day of the Scale Festival gets underway and the members of Log Horizon go off on their own for the day's activities. Meanwhile, Minori stops off at Karashin's busy office to procure tickets for the Twilight Banquet and offers her services while the city's inhabitants begin getting into squabbles with merchants of the People of the Land. At the same time Minori begins to use her apprentice sub-class to help Karashin account for the festival's finances. Elsewhere Nyanta peacefully kicks a rowdy Person of the Land out of a restaurant and reports the matter to Shiroe. While the Black Sword Knights and D.D.D. guilds work on maintaining order during the festival, they resolve more disputes involving the People of the Land. Issac and Crusty then discuss Shiroe's traits and agree that he works his best when for the good of others. After putting a stop to yet another rowdy Person of the Land, Shiroe finally notices the strangeness of the People's behavior and after Minori reports inconsistencies in the festival's paperwork all resulting from errors by the People, Shiroe confirms that the city may be under attack and makes haste for the Guild Building while disgruntled at his own carelessness. Meanwhile, a vessel called the New Spirit Ship led by the sinister looking Lord Malves prepares to make contact with Akihabara.

  • Fall has come to Akihabara. After defeating the monsters, Shiroe is fighting a losing battle against paperwork, but the town is filled with cheer as the first event the Adventurers have ever had, the "Scales Festival", is approaching.

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