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"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," is a television series that ran for four seasons. The show is based off of the characters of Superman from the DC Comic book series. Clark Kent arrives at the Daily Planet looking for his first permanent reporters job. Here he meets Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson and Perry White. These are the main characters he interacts with at the Daily Planet. You watch how Clark settles in to life in the city and how with the help of his parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superman is created.

Throughout the series Clark faces a number of challenges from familiar villains like Lex Luthor, to struggling with getting Lois to notice him as more than just a friend. He learns what it is like to be human with the discovery of Kryptonite. A meteorite from his home planet that makes him sick and takes away his powers. You watch as Cark slowly discovers where he comes from and how to use his powers to help people.

Lois and Cark get off to a rocky start but, quickly Clark breaks down some of Lois emotional defenses to become her best friend. They attempt dating all while Lois has a crush on Superman and Clark is trying to hide his alter ego from her. Eventually, Lois figures out that Clark is Superman but, by then she has already fallen in love with Clark the man and not the superhero. The two get married but, the adventures don't stop there when it seems impossible for Lois not to find some sort of trouble.

This television series quickly became a favorite among fans who petitioned for a fifth seasons to be made. The studio promised that a fifth season was in the works but, it was eventually cancelled much to the disappointment of fans. "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," is the show to see if you are looking for more about how Superman lives his daily life and not just superhero fancy.

4 Seasons, 88 Episodes - Canceled
September 1, 1993
Action & Adventure, Comedy
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  • A devious inventor kidnaps children and takes them to a fun-filled fantasy land.

  • A criminal who transfers his soul into Clark's body is excited when he learns he also has the body of Superman.

  • Lex Luthor's son wreaks havoc in Metropolis--and in Lois and Clark's marriage. Lois is kidnapped, while Superman investigates whether he can have children. Third of a three-part episode, "The Lex Files: A Lois & Clark Trilogy."

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