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Lost Tapes is an American television series that is centered on horrific creatures and paranormal phenomenon. This show is broadcasted on the famous nature television network, animal planet because it is a show where fact meets fiction in a bone chilling way. The genre of Lost Tapes is mostly horror, but it also is a documentary show and paranormal thriller that has the viewers quivering in their boots. It is narrated by Rick Robles, who uses a scary voice to narrate each horrific scene of this show. The format of this television show is in mocumentary format, or a documentary that features fake events. In addition, the children who are featured on this show, in episodes such as the thunderbird, are not physically harmed in the making of this show, but they can suffer from emotional trauma.

Viewers of Lost Tapes are taken into a horrific viewing experience as they watch all of the most hated horror stories come to life. This show features home tapes from a personal video recorder and these video camera images depict cruel and brutal attacks from many scary childhood nightmare creatures including: vampires, demons, giant snakes, Sea monsters, giant octopuses, Chupacabra, big foot and many more scary Halloween-like creatures.

The plot of this television show is to expose many circumstances of paranormal activity by showing the viewers videos of these creatures. The people who are attacked and shown in the videos are usually going on an excursion, either by themselves or in a small group of three or four people, in a remote area where escape is not possible. Then viewers are shown quick glimpses of these creatures. This show is truly terrifying and makes viewers wonder what is lurking in the woods.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
3 Seasons, 34 Episodes - Canceled
October 30, 2008
News, Documentary & Biography, Animals
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  • Following a series of mysterious attacks, two reporters pursue the exclusive story of a radical private militia group hiding in the remote Wisconsin woods.

  • The Enigma Corporation journeys to Mexico City to investigate a series of ritual murders. While there, they uncover a cult intent on unleashing an ancient serpentine power which soon gets out of control.

  • A search and rescue team attempts to locate a group of lost hikers. What starts as a routine rescue mission quickly turns to horror when the team discovers that circumstances might have led the hikers to acts of cannibalism.

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