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Love It Or List It is a show about homes. In each show, a homeowner or homeowners will make a decision on whether or not to stay in their current home or to move to another home. They do this with the help of two professionals, David Visentin and Hilary Farr. David Visentin is a realtor and throughout the course of the show, he will take the homeowners on tours of several different homes and show them different ways that the prospective new homes would meet their needs. Hilary Farr will sit down with the couple and discuss why their current home is no longer working and begin finding ways she can give them solutions to their problems through redesigning the home. The homeowners help David and Hilary to do their jobs by giving each one a set of needs. They give David a list of what they would like to see in a new home, should they decide to sell their current home and move to a new home. They give Hilary a list of what they need to see changed in their current home to make it work for them once again.

While Hilary and her crew get to work, David is taking the couple to see new homes they could purchase. Oftentimes, Hilary and her crew will run into unexpected problems which cause complications in the remodeling plans. When this happens, Hilary has to conference with the homeowners and let them know their options to fix the problem and how this will affect the budget that has been set up for the project. Sometimes, this means that all of the requests from the homeowners cannot be met because it affected the budget.

As the show comes to a close, the homeowners announce if they are going to keep their home or sell it and move to a new location. So, they are making a decision to love it or list it.

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  • When Robin and Kelly and their sons moved into Kelly's house, things became tight very quickly. Kelly loves their neighborhood and doesn't have any issues with their ranch. Robin feels they need more privacy, space and function.

  • When Sarah and Andrew became parents of two girls, they knew it was finally time to buy a house and opted for a quaint home in a central neighborhood. With enough bedrooms for everybody and a renovated basement, it seemed the house was perfect- until an unexpected third child.

  • Designer Hilary and Realtor David. Hilary and her team plan to create an open concept main floor for Irene and Marcos and their extended family.

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