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Love Thy Neighbor is a comedy sitcom created by Tyler Perry. The show is centered around Hattie Mae Love played by Patrice Lovely. Hattie Mae shares ownership of a diner with her dead husband's brother Floyd (Palmer Williams Jr), who also has a second job as the superintendent in an apartment building. This apartment building where Floyd is the 'super' happens to be the same place that Danny (Andre Hall), Hattie's grandson, lives.

Danny shares an apartment with his party animal friend Sam (Jonathan Chase). Sam throws wild parties in his apartment every evening after work to the dismay of his roommate Danny. The two guys are also co-workers to Drew (Darmirra Brunson) who also lives in the building and shares an apartment with their boss Marianna (Zulay Henao).

Hattie's daughter Linda (Kendra C. Johnson) is going through a divorce and trying to get her life back on track. Since Linda never have to work during the time in which she was married, she has a limited work history. While trying to find a job she asked to move back home with her mother Hattie. Hattie reluctantly said 'yes', but asks Linda everyday about when she plans on leaving her house.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on OWN
2 Seasons, 93 Episodes
May 29, 2013
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Love Thy Neighbor Full Episode Guide

  • Danny is fed up with Sam's annoying behavior.

  • Troy has a heated discussion with Danny's family.

  • Linda receives an unexpected phone call.

  • Hattie's decision to write her memoirs causes problems for her friends and family.

  • Sam reveals the true nature about his lack of maturity.

  • Troy tells Hattie about the difficulties she's having in her marriage.

  • Linda learns why Hattie's happy.

  • Sam causes Danny to make a dramatic change in his life.

  • Sam has difficulty accepting Danny's new responsibilities as Troy's husband.

  • Hattie mediates when Linda and Troy discuss their differences.

  • Danny has a difficult time dealing with his mother's absence.

  • Danny shows Drew's cousin around town when he stays for the weekend.

  • Linda hopes Hattie will stay and help her after the baby arrives.

  • When Hattie discovers Danny got a promotion, she asks him to help pay for Linda's wedding.

  • Philip lets Linda redecorate the house however she wants.

  • Linda meets Phillip's former in-laws and her family tags along.

  • Linda needs to inform P.J. and Caroline that she's now engaged to their father.

  • Philip is worried after the engagement ring goes missing. Floyd, Sam and Danny attempt to help him find out what has happened to it.

  • Hattie shows Phillip a letter Linda wrote when she was younger in an effort to try and make him feel guilty.

  • Madea and Hattie learn about Linda's pregnancy. Things aren't looking good for Phillip.

  • Madea helps Hattie to confront Phillip.

  • Linda discovers she's pregnant.

  • Linda discovers Philip is in a new relationship.

  • After Linda wakes up in Philip's bed she is shocked.

  • Linda goes back to Philip and indulges in a spontaneous night of passion.

  • After realizing that Will duped her, Linda is heartbroken.

  • Danny thinks that a potential client is very familiar and that she is the same woman that tricked his mother out of $3,000.

  • Will apologizes to Linda.

  • When Danny, Floyd, Sam, and Drew get evicted, Danny pleads with Hattie for a place to stay.

  • After Will dumps her, Linda is heartbroken.

  • Will catches Linda and Philip in a questionable situation.

  • Philip is found playing cards with Hattie's kitchen staff.

  • Linda is confused about her encounter with Philip.

  • Philip reveals how he feels to Linda.

  • Philip takes Linda out to a fancy dinner.

  • Philip wants to take Danny's mother on a date.

  • Linda makes plans with both Will and Philip but later cancels on Philip.

  • Linda confronts Will about how he scammed her.

  • Hattie encourages Linda to go to work to help her move on.

  • A young girl grows up, with Linda's help.

  • Will goes apartment hunting with Linda.

  • New information is revealed about Will.

  • Danny learns disturbing news about Linda's boyfriend.

  • Linda goes on a date with a man she met online.

  • Hattie and Drew help Linda's dating life along by setting up a profile for her on a matchmaking Web site.

  • The family seeks safety at Hattie's during a storm.

  • Danny and Sam mentor troubled youth; Floyd is robbed.

  • Danny needs to hang out with people his own age.

  • An insecure Drew doesn't want her potential date to meet Marianna.

  • Sam is inspired by a funeral.

  • Danny challenges Sam to stay in the apartment for the whole weekend, and then places a bet on the situation.

  • Linda discovers that her high-school sweetheart is now wealthy.

  • Linda throws a surprise birthday party for Hattie, but Hattie has an unexpected reaction.

  • When Hattie trips, she pretends to be hurt more than she really is so that everyone else will take care of her.

  • Hattie comes across an abandoned baby in the bathroom at the diner.

  • Hattie experiences a health scare.

  • Sam clashes with new boss Marianna; Drew invites Marianna to move into his apartment.

  • Sam thinks his one-night stand is dead when she fails to wake up in the morning.

  • Danny is tired of Sam's constant partying and decides to withhold rent as retribution.

  • Danny gets protective when Marty asks Linda to a ball.

  • Hattie misinterprets a conversation about celibacy; Danny is suspicious that Linda has turned to prostitution.

  • Sam vows to quit drinking when he finds himself in a compromising position after a night of debauchery.

  • Hattie considers teaming up with Vivian in order to save her struggling business.

  • Hattie is accused of starting a fire at Vivian's Diner.

  • The Love Train Diner is unexpectedly shut down after the health inspector stops by.

  • Linda needs a place to live after her divorce leaves her penniless.

  • Sam feels that Danny's grieving mother is relying on her son too much.

  • Sam finds Linda in his house and then discovers Danny gave her a key.

  • Linda thinks about returning to her husband; Danny moves in with Sam.

  • Hattie Mae Love encourages Danny, her grandson, to get a job and move out. Linda, Hattie's daughter, decides to move in with her mom after finding out her husband was cheating on her.

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