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Love/Hate is a dramatic television series that focuses on crime. The series focus on criminals operating in Dublin, Ireland's underworld. The series starts with the shooting of Robbie, a convict who was recently released from jail. His brother Darren has also recently returned to Ireland after a period of time on the run from the law. Nidge is Robbie's best friend who vows to learn how to handle guns and avenge Robbie's death.

Darren quickly gets arrested again but a local crime boss bails him out of jail in an effort to get him back in the criminal industry. Darren and Nidge then team up and decide to try and find Robbie's killer. They kidnap a rival drug lord and attempt to get information out of him. The drug lord claims he is innocent. Darren believes him but Nidge does not.

Another underworld figure, Hughie, eventually admits to killing Robbie. He claims it was because Robbie owed him money. Nidge and the guys eventually catch up with Robbie and they murder him in retaliation. In the meantime, Darren reaches out to his ex-girlfriend. She is still in love with him but is pregnant with another gang member's baby.

Darren continues his life of crime, working for a drug dealer and arranging small drug deals. Nidge also joins Darren and he faces relationship problems at home with his wife. The gang also continually faces problems from the police, as law enforcement routinely arrests gang members and breaks up their hideouts.

Relationships also cause drama for the men. Darren is falling back in love with his ex-girlfriend again. She has a miscarriage and while she seeks him out for comfort, he is happy that she is not having another man's baby. Nidge continues to have affairs behind his wife's back.

3 Seasons, 16 Episodes
August 22, 2010
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  • Fearful of Dano's revenge, Nidge has moved the family out to a hotel. He reconciles with Darren, paying him a proportion of the money he owes, as his old friend - still on the run - plans to leave the country imminently.

  • Donna reports what she knows about Siobhan's rape to the police. It might end there... except two clever detectives, Paula and Terry, connect the report with the disappearance of missing dissident Git Loughman. They figure out exactly what must have happened that Paddy's Night, and Nidge and all of his crew are arrested on suspicion of murder (except Darren who is in hiding, still wanted for the murder of Gary and his girlfriend, desperate for money to skip town).

  • Nidge tries valiantly to keep things together, staying on side with Dano and as promised bringing into the country a cache of AK47s, small arms and explosives. However elsewhere his web of lies and excuses is threatening to unravel.

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