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Ludo Bites America is a reality television series. It features Chef Ludo taking his five star restaurant cooking skills on the road to various American eateries. The premise of this show is for the chef to go to a different restaurant every episode. He takes the regional style of the restaurant and updates the menu with his five star french cuisine cooking. The hope is that these changes will inspire local patrons to come and enjoy the new creations while helping the eatery owners gather business.

The focus on this show is revitalizing eateries in America through the fusion of cooking styles.

Sundance Channel
1 Season, 7 Episodes
July 19, 2011
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Ludo Bites America Full Episode Guide

  • Ludo & Krissy are back to give viewers a look back at their six city pop-up restaurant tour. Our 5-star couple review the show's most unforgettable scenes and biggest challenges plus check in with their local partner chefs.

  • Ludo and Krissy stop in Redondo Beach to sample it's finest cuisine.

  • Ludo and Krissy stop in Raleigh to sample it's finest cuisine.

  • Ludo and Krissy stop in Denver to taste it's finest cuisine.

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