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Major crimes is an American program police themed television program that is aired on the popular T.V network TNT. This show was created by James Duff, Michael M. Robin, and Greer Shepard and it is a spin-off of the famous T.V program, The Closer. It features a large cast including the talented: Mary McDonald as her character Sharon Raydor, G.W. Bailey as Louie Provenza, Tony Dension as Andy Flynn, Michael Paul Chan as Michael Tao, Raymon Cruz as Julio Sanchez, Jonathan Del Acro as Dr. Morales, Robert Gosset as Russell Taylor, Graham Patrick Martain as Rusty Beck, Phillip P. Keene as Buzz Watson, and Kearran Giovanni as Amy Sykes.

The plot of the story is it is a crime series that takes its viewers into the captivating world of police detectives. The story is located in the Los Angeles police department and it shows you how the police department run by Captain Raydor tries to unlock the mystery of the many attacks committed by a sexual predator in their town. During the show, you are shown the many dramatic measures that a determined team of detectives will go through in order to capture this predator and keep their small town safe. During the hour long show, the detectives try to put together all the clues so that they can capture their suspect and bring justice to his victims. It is a very dramatic program, with twist and turns and unexpected endings that is capturing the hearts of many television audiences.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on TNT
4 Seasons, 71 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • The final episode of "Hindsight" ties all the loose ends of seven killings together, with the possible suspects down to three. Mark Hickman faces the truth, at last, concerning his past as Sharon Raydor utilizes a very unreliable witness. Provenza and Patrice resolve their wedding problems.

  • When more clues come to the surface about victims from the past, and how they are associated with the murders of the present, Lt, Cooper and Amy Sykes get tangled in an unexpected fire arms brawl. Sharon finally discovers the information she needs for leverage against Rev. Price, his lawyer and Mark Hickman as she makes her way onward toward the truth.

  • Sharon and Major Crimes hurry to make the most of a surprising discovery made in a place of worship. Stephanie and Sanchez's link strengthens as they bond over lost loved ones. Rusty finds out from Provenza that his real mother's ex, Gary, is on the run from the law. Tao's partner from the past pushes him over the edge.

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