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Making Monsters is a Travel Channel original program that runs for approximately one hour. This series show contains blood and gore associated with horror props. Making Monsters is a documentary-style show. Distortions Unlimited is the name of the scaretronics company owned and operated by Ed Edmunds and his family. He also has a team of expert artists and electricians that he works with when creating monsters. Most of the items that they make marketed for mass production. They are used primarily in haunted houses around the country.

At the beginning of most episodes, the staff gathers around a table to discuss what events they have coming up or if there is a special project that needs to be done. From here they proceed to map out the steps to each creation and the time frame needed to complete them. In most cases they have too much to do and not enough time.

Next, some of Ed's team use clay to sculpt the creatures. Once that is done and given the OK for the next step, the sculptures are then molded in plaster for easy mass production. Once the molds have been created, most are then filled with foam and left to set. The finished piece is then painted and attached to what ever electronic device is need to make it work.

Distortions Unlimited has created alien babies, scary trees for a mini golf course, and even worked with Microsoft to animate demons for Xbox 360. They even showcase some of their rejected products. Every episode is packed with information about the horror and monster-making business.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
3 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 2, 2011
How To, Horror & Suspense
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Making Monsters Full Episode Guide

  • Ed, Marsha, Mikey and Jordu complete a massive, 4,000-pound project for Bennett's Curse in Baltimore, MD.

  • The teams creates a menacing Death Machine the world's largest voo-doo doll.

  • The team attempts to create a giant rattlesnake for the first haunted house in Eilat, Israel. Elsewhere, Jordu updates 3 of Ed's original masks for the Resurrection series to showcase at Mask Fest in Indianapolis.

  • The Atlanta haunt owners of Netherworld are looking for a scary, spinning saw-blade gag for this year's events. Elsewhere, Ed and Mike repurpose 8 monsters for portable haunted carnival rides. And finally, the winner of Travel Channel's Make My Monster contest arrives to cash in on his prize.

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