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"Mankind Decoded" is the documentary series that takes a look at the development of human civilization over the past 20,000 years. The aspect of learning about humanity's past achievements is one way of understanding why human beings have thrived for thousands of years. Since the end of the last Ice Age in 10,000 BC humanity created new way of survival by learning to adapt to any particular environment. The birth of civilization was a slow and gradual process that began in isolated areas on Earth. The first civilizations that began the use of writing was part of the evolving history of mankind.

From the first archeological evidence of the domestication of animals in neolithic times, to the building of sacred stone monuments in Egypt, the history of the development of civilization is well documented. The discovery of concrete by the Ancient Romans created a building boom that helped in the making of the Roman Empire. Trade routes to Asia that brought luxury goods to Europe, most notably "The Silk Road" were the first evidence of foreign trade in the history of mankind, although it had a terrible price. In the 14th Century the massive pandemic known as the Black Plague ravaged Europe and Asia.

A century later the Age of Exploration began, creating sea routes to North and South America that lead to the expansion of the European powers for the next two centuries. Long before the establishment of the Internet, the ideas of sharing information across long distances had begun long before the 21st century.

Many scholars have helped by doing research in the making of this series. Hours of research from many museums, libraries and universities to find material have created a wealth of information for the series. This series takes viewers on a journey on the story of mankind.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - New Series
January 26, 2013
Documentary & Biography
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  • No prizes for second place! In this episode we learn how being the fastest enabled empires to be born and capitalism to thrive.

  • Mankind is a building species. Inspired by the divine, we create monuments to its power (Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid). New challenges create new sciences, and when the Romans mixed volcanic ash with water they created a new super-material: concrete. Today, we shape the surface of the earth to facilitate our needs.

  • Communication is central to the building of civilization. The ability to share complicated ideas allowed early man to hunt, farm and build communities. Mankind continued to expand their ideas, leading to the proliferation of new ideas and revolution.

  • 15,000 years ago humans and wolves formed a relationship that would influence the future of Mankind. With the help of man's new best friend we domesticate more animals, sowing the first seeds of farming and civilization.

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