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Marry Him If You Dare is a South Korean television series. It takes place in the television world of broadcasting. Na Mi-rae is very unhappy with her current situation because she feels that her marriage has held her back from achieving many of her goals. So she finds out how to travel back in time to prevent her younger self from marrying so soon. This new path will alter all the future events she has known but to what extent.

She will definitely pursue a whole new avenue of choices to include career paths, relationships and a whole new life style. The thing she has failed to see is how this will all play out in future events. This will also impact relationships to include hers.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
October 14, 2013
Fantasy, Korean Drama, Science Fiction
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Marry Him If You Dare Full Episode Guide

  • When Future Mi Rae finds out that her attempt to change her future is futile, she has misgivings about separating Kim Shin and Mi Rae; however it may be too late to get them back together.

  • Mi Rae attempts to get closer to Se Joo after giving up on Kim Shin. Future Mi Rae prepares to return to her time.

  • Se Joo reveals his true identity to the entire company. Kim Shin considers an offer for an anchor position with NTN Broadcasting in order to stay away from Mi Rae.

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