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Series Length:2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
Schedule: Monday 9:30 PM et/pt on VH1

Marrying The Game is a show that comes on VH1. The Game is a famous hard core rapper. The rapper has made hit after hit on the charts. He makes headline news because of his beefs with other artists. He is a very controversial rapper, and is always reported to be seen club hopping. This show depicts The Game, and his wife's relationship. Most people don't know that he has children, and he's about to get married. People just know what's in the tabloids about him. His persona he displays in his rap songs, although hardcore, are quite different than his television act.

Marrying The Game is a different kind of show, because it features the loving side of him. As a known gangster, he is known for many bad things. But, he shows the world how much he loves his children, he shows a different side of the hard core rapper, he shows us how much he loves his wife, and we witness how dedicated he is to his work. His wife and he have been planning a wedding for sometime now. They finally get married, but not without complications in the midst. The viewers will watch the good and the bad in this rapper's life. We follow him and his relationship, from his point of view.

His marriage can seem a little confusing, hostile, and one sided. He will get into fights in the club, he will stay in the studio for days, he will purposely upset his wife, and he will want things his way. His wife is stubborn and out spoken. Even with all of these bad qualities, the relationship seems to be moving forward. At the end of the day, they seem to love each other enough to make the relationship work for them. With his kids and wife in his corner, we will see how he handles his rap career, groupies, flirty women, club fights, and his life struggles. We see his life in depth, and in marriage.

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Status: Returning Series
Genre: Family
Rating: 10/10
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  • In the second season finale, Game takes Tiffney on a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, yet their relationship still has a few kinks in it.

  • Tiffney and Game reconnect intimately. Over breakfast, they consider moving in together.

  • Tiffney and Game enjoy the aftermath of their romantic first date redo. Meanwhile, Tiffney commits to participating in activities Game is interested in.

  • Tiffney returns from Houston to find a pleasant surprise from Game.

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