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Maverick is a delightful television show put on the air in 1957, this television show with its Old West format aired until 1962. The show stared James Garner as Bret Maverick and Jack Kelly as his brother Bart. These characters played a family of sharp dressing gamblers, quick with a card game and handy with a gun. However women, cards and fun were the top priority of the characters but they never stepped away from dealing with things dealt to them.

Maverick encounters all kinds of characters and a slew of loose women. One character always discussed but never seen was the illusive Pappy. Maverick spouted his wisdom throughout the show. A third brother portrayed by Robert Colbert would show up occasionally and a host of friends from different places. Lady luck was a constant companion of these saloon loving characters who seemed to find trouble without looking. Although the show had others by the name of Maverick, James Garner was the one most notably referred to as Maverick.

The series was fun, historically interesting and not too violent; at least in the average way. A few well placed gun fights, a lot of music and card playing. Maverick and most of his friends were fun loving and he usually tried to reason his way out of a bad spot. However, if gun play was needed, that is what the offending party got.

Episodes were filled with shady characters and beautiful women. A few other guest stars graced the show, Rodger Moore as the lovable cousin and not too smart Beau. This Warner Bros Comedy Western was one of the fun shows listed in prime time to watch during an evening after dinner for many families. The theme music was very much a part of the shows persona, developed by Paul Francis Webster and David Buttolph. This style of show was very popular and was one of a selection of popular Old West related formats.

5 Seasons, 124 Episodes - Canceled
September 22, 1957
Action & Adventure, Comedy
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Maverick Full Episode Guide

  • Bart, Doc Holliday, and Modesty Blaine get involved in the mother of all train robberies.

  • A con man sells Bart's naive female cousin a money making machine.

  • Pearly Gates and galpal Marla strike again when they rob Bart's poker game. One of Bart's fellow players goes after them with murderous intent.

  • Bart is dragooned into being the deputy of a man posing as famed lawman Wyatt Earp.

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