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The series entitled McLeod's Daughters is all about the life and challenges of Claire McLeod and Tess McLeod who were two sisters from different mothers but same father McLeod. These ladies had lived apart for many years but only got together twenty years later after claiming what their father had left for them as inheritance. This was a farm known as Drovers Run which was located in the outskirts of the city.

It all started when Tess returned to where she had grown up as a kid before being taken away to the city by her late mother. Her plan was to sell her part of the inheritance and return to do business in the city. She was discouraged by the fact that the farm was in huge debt and also by her sister Claire. These two long lost sisters were determined to make the best of the farm.

After the male workers in the farm were caught stealing fuel they were relieved of their duties by Claire. They then employed a some other women and no men to work with them. They were closely assisted by Meg, Jodi and Becky.

The reunited sisters worked together closely and happily forgetting what they had experienced in the past. Claire later had a baby girl. Tess who was to be engaged to Alex in a few days got involved in a tragic car crash with her sister Claire where she died and heartbroken Tess was left alone to take care of Drovers run.

Tess later got married to Nick and the two made up their mind to relocate to Argentina. Before they left Jodi told them she had found out that she too was one of the daughters of McLeod. Tess was happy to have a sister again. Stevie who was a friend of Claire took care of the farm alongside some other ladies.

The series was developed by Posie Graeme and Caroline Stanton and was broadcast on the Nine Network.

KOCH Entertainment
8 Seasons, 226 Episodes - Canceled
August 8, 2001
Drama, Family
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  • Drovers is in serious financial trouble. Will Stevie and Grace be able to put aside their differences and find a way out of this crisis?

  • Paul starts to become more aggressive when he is released from hospital. Ingrid continues to worry about Marcus and her friends when she discovers that Paul had messed with her brakes, nearly killing her and Stevie. Hours later, the girls find Ingrid's car at the bottom of a ditch, broken, with branches and blood, but no Ingrid.

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