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Medium is a NBC television show that is based around the life of a woman named Allison Dubois, she is played by the actress, Patricia Arquette. The series is based on the actual facts of things that have happened in the life of Allison Dubois in her real life stories. In this television show Arquette is a mother, a wife and she just happens to also by a Medium, yes she hears voices and yes she can see dead people.She is employed at the district attorneys office so that she can help the police to solve crimes with the visions that appear to her daily. The dead people come back to give her information about the crime of the case so that she can help the policemen solve their murder, or whatever it is that happened to them.

The husband Joe, who is played by Jack Weber, is a scientist on the show and he has to also be able to deal with being married to a woman with these supernatural abilities. Arquette also is the mother of 3 girls on the show and one of the girls seem to be developing similar supernatural abilities just like her mother. The three children are named Allison Dubois, Bridgette Dubois, and Ariel Dubois. The show is sometimes serious but at other times it is light-hearted, it also has its humorous episodes. She is using her gifts everyday for the good so that she can help the families, friends and officials to solve the cases which will enable the capture of the criminal and the deceased person can rest in peace because most of these cases are cold cases so they need to be resolved and thanks to Allison Dubois they will be.

7 Seasons, 133 Episodes - Canceled
January 3, 2005
Science Fiction, Drama
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  • When Allison becomes a lawyer and Joe starts a new job, the Dubois family is forever changed.

  • A man seeks Allison's help to determine the truth regarding his wife's disappearance. Meanwhile, Joe and Allison become concerned when Marie breaks down during a spelling test.

  • While Allison's dream raises suspicion regarding her brother Michael, Bridgette's abilities grab the attention of Devalos' campaign manager.

  • Allison dreams of a murder that involves a man being struck by a train and, when a man is killed just like in her dream, Allison is convinced it's a homicide. Also, Joe has difficulty handling his mother's diagnosis.

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