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The television show Mercy is an ensemble medical drama that follows the lives of three very different nurses as they deal with both patient issues and personal issues. The main story lines of the show take place at the fictional Mercy Hospital. The central character of the show is Veronica Flanagan Callahan, a nurse who has recently returned from her tour of duty in Iraq and who suffers from emotional issues. In addition to these issues, Veronica's marriage is the focus of her problems as she and her husband try to repair the damage of an affair with a fellow doctor - an affair that still carries lingering feelings.

Along with Veronica, the show follows the story of her best friend and fellow Mercy Hospital nurse, Sonia Jimenez, as she deals with an increasingly involved relationship with a police officer.

The last of the three main nurses on the show is Chloe Payne, a newly graduated nursing student who quickly finds herself unprepared for the realities of nursing and the strain it can cause on her life.

The three main roles in the series are played by Taylor Schilling, Jamie Lee Kirchner, and Michelle Trachtenberg. Supporting actors include James Tupper, a resident doctor; Diego Klattenhoff, Veronica's contractor husband; and James LeGros, another resident doctor. Notable guest stars include Elisabeth Moss, Jerry Stiller, and Anne Meara. Towards the end of the series James Van Der Beek joins the cast as a new doctor in the hospital.

Mercy was produced by Universal Media Studios and was filmed at locations in New Jersey. The show ran for one season before it was cancelled by NBC for low ratings. Before cancellation, twenty-two episodes of the show were filmed.

1 Season, 23 Episodes - Canceled
September 23, 2009
Drama, Comedy
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Mercy Full Episode Guide

  • Two boys get trapped in an abondoned building and Veronica is there to help them. Back at the hospital, Chloe tries to pressure doctors to perform a risky surgery to save his comatose boyfriend from brain death, and Sonia is in charge of a psychic patient who tells her somethings about her future. Meanwhile, Briggs tries to raise the money to pay off his debt to the mafia before it's too late, and Sands considers going back to the War with a medical relief group.

  • When one of Veronica and Sand's friends from Iraq show up unexpectedly, they have to make a life or death decision. Sonia gets help from a surprising source, when she has a stalker after her. Chloe worries that her boyfriend is damaging his brain by playing football against medical advice. Briggs worries that his mafia friend connections has something to do with Angel's friends beating. Meanwhile, Briggs former flame comes back into his life, with dangerous consequences.

  • After a prison riot, several prisoners are brought to Mercy. Veronica simpatizes with her patient but is shocked to discover a secret he's been keeping. Chloe tries to convince her boyfriend to treat his head injury before it's too late. And, when Sonia's tough patient admits that he's terrified to go back to prison, she worries that she can end in prison too. Meanwhile, Briggs has to make a choice that could destroy his career or his life.

  • Veronica continues her therapy sessions; Chloe tracks down an ER patient with potentially fatal blood test results.

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