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MI-5 is a weekly adventure into the world of spies and espionage is centered around a team of individuals that are focused on anti-terrorism operations is a very realistic dark and gritty view of the spy world and the political motivations behind the reasons that countries make the decisions that they do or do not in this particular drama. They are now extremely outlandish plots or gadgets. They get used to defeat the bad guy as a matter of fact with this particular series. The good guys don't always win, as it portrays the world as it is, rather than as it should be sometimes agents get lost and soldiers die. Sometimes a deal is struck with a fundamentalist terrorist cell leader for the greater good.

This show is an excellent view (although highly dramatized in some instances) into the psychology of the Secret Service/intelligence community and the trials and tribulations that they go through on a daily basis. This series provides an interesting dynamic between the world of intelligence gathering/Secret Service and the family dynamic, and the thin line the operator must walk to keep their world from falling apart the lives they must keep straight not only in the spy world. But with their family life as well distresses that is placed on an individual who must pretend to be one thing in from one person and an entirely different thing in from another and keep every little eyes straight and every sentence coherent, all without going insane on a daily basis.

Although some of the scenarios betrayed in this series are dramatized slightly more than they would be in a real-world scenario they are in no way entirely unbelievable (although they do tend to contain a little more action). Each episode has a problem that is entirely plausible, such as a terrorist attack with a nerve agent on the subway or a plot to assassinate a visiting dignitary etc.

There is plenty of action and drama to keep the viewer on pins and needles for the entire hour of the program there is also some excellent character development in viewer is sure to become invested emotionally in every member of the team for a variety of reasons from the troubles they are having keeping their family together to try and negotiate all the office politics that are involved with being a member of the intelligence community not only in Great Britain, but on a global basis.

Any viewer that is a fan of spy dramas surely will not be disappointed in the dramatic scenarios presented in MI-5 television series.

10 Seasons, 89 Episodes - Canceled
May 13, 2002
Action & Adventure
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MI-5 Full Episode Guide

  • Harry is handed over to the CIA, ready for deportation to the US.

  • Harry kidnaps his CIA counterpart, and what he learns sheds fresh light on events.

  • Two former inmates are released from jail and set to launch an attack in London.

  • MI6 receive word that radioactive material has been detected at an airport.

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