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Former Monty Python star Michael Palin travels in the footsteps of Jules Verne's hero Phileas Fogg in attempting to travel around the World in 80 days without the aid of air travel. Palin is given a series of tasks and objects to pick up for his challengers, fellow Monty Python stars Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam. Part of the challenge sees Palin required to stick as closely to the route described by Verne in his novel as possible, along the way Palin takes in the many different sights and cultures as possible as he tries to win the challenge.

BBC America
1 Season, 7 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
January 7, 1990
Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 Days
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Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 Days Full Episode Guide

  • It has taken Michael 58 days to reach the International Date Line. He has only 22 days to complete the second half of the circumnavigation, with the Pacific, United States and the Atlantic still to be crossed. Delays, misunderstandings and a suspect bomb all conspire to thwart Michael and the outcome remains in doubt as the clock hands edge nearer to the fatal hour.

  • Michael leaves Shanghai bound for Yokohama on a mysteriously empty Chinese ferry. The Pacific represents his last chance to stay in the race. After a hilarious night out in fun-filled Tokyo, Michael finds a vessel which will take him to California in 10 days. He finds that crossing the International Date Line is something the circumnavigator does at considerable peril.

  • Michael's connection in Hong Kong, has already sailed, but speeding through the roads of Singapore brings him to his first mega-size container ship. He spends the next few days dodging three typhoon systems in the South China Sea before arriving in Hong Kong. Michael pauses long enough to be savaged by a cockatoo before hurling himself across China by train, in the hope of catching up some time.

  • After eight days of sailing, a weak Michael Palin is propelled into big-city India. He's behind his fictional rival but forges ahead to Bombay, Poona, Madras - and then a juddering halt. Only two ships sail out of Madras, the first doesn't leave for at least three days and the second has no room for passengers. Undeterred, Michael persuades its Yugoslav master to hire him as a deckhand.

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