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An interesting short documentary series, Milestones in Science & Engineering, provides a look at topics of science and engineering, from concept to present day form or application. Viewers’ interest is held with re-enactments of scientists and engineers conducting experiments in the working environment of the era.

The easy to understand material is presented in a factual, non-technical manner for adults and children alike. The series brings to life the wonders of science and engineering right before one's eyes, instead of a mundane, technically orientated book of formulas and terminology. This is a program the whole family can enjoy together.

1 Season, 18 Episodes
Milestones in Science & Engineering
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  • Otto von Guericke developed the barometer, an instrument for measuring air pressure, and used it for weather forecasts. The experiments carried out by von Guericke were based on his ability to produce for the first time a sphere without air ? a vacuum.

  • Gutenberg took a text and dissected it into its components: into letters, punctuation marks and frequently recurring combinations of letters, so-called ligatures. These were combined as single characters into words, lines and pages.

  • Until the beginning of the modern age around 1500 many people were unable to do even elementary sums. The man who was to change all this, by making the art of arithmetic understandable to the common people, was Adam Ries.

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