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Series Length:1 Season, 19 Episodes
Network: Adult Swim

Minoriteam is the brainchild of Adam de la Pena. The team consists of five superheroes, each one having his own racial or ethnic stereotype. They join forces to fight against discrimination in the form of The White Shadow and his clan of supervillains. The Minoriteam is made up of Dr. Wang, an Asian human calculator and the leader of the team. El Jefe, a Mexican that fights crime with a leaf blower but is actually the CEO of an oil company. Nonstop, an Indian convenience store owner who cannot be shot. Jewcano, a man with the powers of the Jewish faith and a volcano. Lastly, Fasto, an African-American who teaches Woman's Studies and is known as the fastest man that ever was.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Rating: 7.2/10
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  • While galactic widebody Balactus continues to own the paint with his doomsday machine, Fasto gets in touch with his funky alien ancestry. Can Minoriteam and White Shadow just get along and save the earth? Will Fasto have what it takes to turn this mother out?

  • Alluding to hero lore as disparate as Superman I and Superman II, this episode sees a coming of age of sorts for Fasto as he learns the truth about his past. Meanwhile, a galactic power forward with mad inside game known as Balactus prepares a doomsday machine for earth.

  • The White Shadow uses a secret weapon to take on others' cultural traits.

  • Beyond business class, beyond first class, there is only tremendous class. While Nonstop nurses his body cavities in a terrorist shakedown room at the airport, Wang, Neil, and Landon revel in an elite flight class reserved for the likes of African Warlords and Charles Durning.

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