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Series Length:1 Season, 23 Episodes
Network: DramaFever

The director of the TV show, Miss. Rose, is Chen Xisheng. The tv show is a comedy and a romance, so it will have you laughing from beginning to end! The TV show is filmed in Taiwan, and the actors speak in Manarin. If you want to watch the TV show in another language, you will have to watch the show. The release date is July 2012, and each episode is forty-five minutes long. The TV show is classified under the the category of drama.

The basic idea of the TV show is that Luo Si Yi makes a bet with a fortune teller because the professional predicts that Luo is going to be a spinster. The bet is that she will get married in within the next year or Luo will pay the profession one million dollars. Due to her bet, she has been going on a lot of dates. As she gets dressed for her dates, she also tries to impress her boss named Gao Cheng Kuan. Her boss does not have a good reputation.

She works hard at her job, but she ends a lot of help with her love life. Luo is confident that she is doing a good job at her work, but she feels timid when it comes to talking to men. You will have to stay tuned to see if she can please her boss or not.

The cast of the show is Roy Qiu, Megan Lai, Double Chao, Tia Li, Puff Guo, Xu Tangfang, Ko I-Chen, Stephanie Chang, Yvonne Yao, David Zhao, Lan Zhuyun, Yin Fu, Bonnie Yu, Patrick Li, and Alice Ke. All of the actors in the TV show do a great job; however, most of them are only well known in Taiwan. Everyone who watches the TV show wants to know what happens next, and so there is a lot of positive testimonials for the TV show.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Korean Drama
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23 DramaFever Episodes
  • Cheng Kuan's wedding is set to begin and Si Yi prepares to leave with Yi Chun, but surprising revelations and another unexpected change of heart turn everything on its head.

  • Si Yi spends a nice calm day with Cheng Kuan, but needs to make a difficult decision regarding his, her, and Vivian's future happiness.

  • Vivian is not yet done trying to make Cheng Kuan hers and even her father steps in to make sure Si Yi becomes nothing more than a memory.

  • Vivian makes one last attempt to undermine Cheng Kuan's proposal to Si Yi. Meanwhile, Sheng Jun tries to find the courage to confess his feelings for Xiao Ke.

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