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VH1's "Mob Wives Chicago" is a spin-off of the original VH1 series "Mob Wives." The fresh cast of five Chicagoans claiming to be married to the lifestyle through means other than marriage entertains while introducing fans to the sights and sounds of Chicago. The group boasts connections to the mob, but no admitted current associations to mafia activity. Most of the women are mothers, though none are married. The primary focus of the show is not family life and child rearing.

Producers highlight interactions among the cast of outspoken windy city divas. Viewers are made privy to regular arguments and outbursts at gatherings as the ladies air their dirty laundry and expose secrets from the past.

Never hesitating to offer an opposing view, these feisty five regularly butt heads as they maneuver Chicago's social scene. Some of the women have years-long friendships while others were familiar with each other through reputation alone.

Chicago aficionados appreciate the stunning camera angles of the city's skyline and various neighborhoods featured on the show. The ladies meet up in various Chicago area eateries and boutiques to socialize and strategize.

The show began airing in June 2012 to mixed reviews. Critics feel the wives' connection to mob activity is too removed to be touted by cast members such as Renee Russo. Russo's mob connection is an uncle with rumored Chicago Outfit connections.

Windy city maven and self-proclaimed daddy's girl, Leah Desimone, hints at her father's connection to the mob but falls short of addressing it directly. Her father, Wolf Desimone, allegedly worked as an associate for the mob. While Leah is seemingly an authority on the lifestyle, she will not confirm or deny mafia activity in her family.

Remaining cast members include Pia Rizza, Christina Scoleri and Nora Schweihs. All three have fathers associated with the Chicago Outfit. Some of the women coyly discuss her father's mob-associations while others proudly proclaim her family's association to Chicago's crime syndicate.

These street-smart women armed with loud, biting banter are certain to entertain as they familiarize mainstream America with the legacy of the infamous Midwestern mafia.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on VH1
1 Season, 11 Episodes - Canceled
May 27, 2012
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Mob Wives: Chicago Full Episode Guide

  • In the first season finale, Nora's efforts to exhume her father's body reaches a crucial stage. Elsewhere, Leah faces the possibility of a big loss.

  • The women set aside their differences for Leah's mother breast cancer walk. When Leah requests the group to stay together, Pia and Renee distance themselves from the group, which upsets Leah. Later, Pia tries to make peace with both Christina and Nora while also looking to kick-start her new modeling career.

  • Pia embarks on a new career; Christina considers living with her ex; Nora prepares to exhume her father's remains.

  • Christina investigates to know who is responsible for the party's chaos; Renee and Pia deal with the aftermath; Renee confides in her daughter.

  • With all the drama and contention among the women, Christina decides to host a party to celebrate the new beginnings in her life. However, things go from bad to worse.

  • Although Pia and Nora are agree they both hate Renee, Nora's obsession with Renee annoys Pia. When she can't take it anymore, she reveals a secret about Nora that could end their friendship.

  • Christina tries to make air things out with Pia. Elsewhere, Nora is determined to confront Renee about her disrespectful conduct, but their decades-long friendship could be threatened.

  • Following their fight, Christina and Pia claim their friendship is destroyed. While Christina complains to Leah, Pia attempts to reach out to Renee by surprising her at her eyeglass shop. But things don't go quite as expected.

  • Christina is on the outs after the fight at Girls' Night. Nora searches for the truth behind her father's death and burial.

  • In the series premiere, Nora Schweihs finds herself back in Chicago after an 8-year absence. She's back to look into the the death of her father and the alleged hit man, Frank "The German" Schweihs.

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