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Money From Strangers is a game show where contestants can win money for doing various task as advised by the host. This is a hidden camera show and no one knows this is part of a game show while it is being filmed other than the contestant himself, the host & his special guest (he usually has 2 special guest helping him per episode). Contestants are picked randomly on the streets and asked if they would like to participate to win money from strangers.

Microphones and ear buds are placed on contestant and they are sent into a business. There is also a camera person in said business but no one other than the contestant knows this. The type of business can be anything from a restaurant, grocery store, or even department store. These businesses are located in New York City.

Task will include playing pranks on the workers and other customers within the business. These tasks are designed to embarrass the contestant and people around them. The more uncomfortable it makes them, the harder it is to complete. With each round the task becomes harder, but the payout increases.

While contestant is in business they must do or say whatever is advised to them through the ear piece. For each task that they successfully complete they earn a dollar amount. In round one, the contestant has to successfully complete eight tasks worth $50 each. In the second round, the contestant has to complete three more tasks worth $100 each. As the game continues, the tasks will get harder to complete. In the third and final round, the Speed Round, the contestant will have to perform a certain activity in 30 seconds.

If the contestant gets kicked out of the business before all task are completed then they will win what money they have made up to that point. If the contestant makes it through every round, including the speed round, they could win a total of $1000.

In between each contestants round, the host will approach random folks on the streets and have them perform various stunts for a small amount of cash, also while being filmed. These stunts can include anything from breaking eggs on their head, to shaving their head.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 30, 2012
Game Show, Reality
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  • Participants massage muffins and get kicked out.

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