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Mongrels is a British puppet show that was first broadcast on BBC Three. The television series aired between June and August 2010. Mongrels has many different humor styles which include slapstick and farce. The plot is centered around five animal characters that live behind a pub called The Lord Nelson. The main character is Nelson also considered to be the hero of this plot.

Nelson is a fox who leads a metro-sexual lifestyle, many characters in the show describe him as the only wild fox left in the city. Nelson has a love interest in Destiny an Afghan hound. As it turns out Destiny has no interest in Nelson.

Destiny is the pet of Gary who runs The Lord Nelson Pub, though Gary like the other humans who appear throughout the show. Then Marion somehow fits into the plot who is a moron for cat and is homeless. Nelson tries to act as a father figure towards Marion, because he was abandoned by several owners.

Kali who is a pigeon who adores joining in on others misfortune and misery. She has a certain prejudice for humans and birds because of the way they treat birds.

Then the last character is Vince who is Nelson's older brother. Vince views himself as a proper animal. Though, Vince proves otherwise with actions. He swears and makes ill mattered jokes throughout most of the show. It is said that there is no over riding arc-story to the episodes. The show also took five years to make and was created by Adam Miller.

Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on BBC Three
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 22, 2010
Adult Cartoon
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Mongrels Full Episode Guide

  • With help of the acclaimed cast, Miquita Oliver presents a hilarious celebration of the multi-award-winning, critically-acclaimed, global smash-hit phenomenon, Mongrels.

  • It's New Year's Day and the night before is a complete blur. With a police dog hot on their trail, Nelson and the gang must solve the mystery of what-the-hell happened on New Year's Eve before the law catches up with them.

  • Marion becomes a YouTube sensation after getting his head stuck in a car tire. When building work threatens his den, Nelson must find a roommate from an endangered species or lose his home. And Destiny uncovers a shocking secret about her owner Gary.

  • Kali embarks on a campaign of psychological warfare against Vanessa Feltz. Marion tries to impress a long lost son with his special brand of fatherly advice. Destiny adopts extreme measures to get her paws on a decrepit old dog's unusually squeaky toy.

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