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Monster Bug Wars is a Science channel original series. Each episode is approximately forty-five minutes and features commentary by Dr. Rayer and Dr. Fry. This series is hosted by Henry Strozier and is a documentary-style program. Monster Bug Wars showcases a different battle between species of insects in each episode. The viewer gets to witness two separate insects battle to the death. These battles can take place between two insects or a group. In nature, the end result is to protect one's nest or gain a food source. However the fights in this series are staged in a studio and do not take place in nature.

With each encounter, two entomologists narrate the action you see on screen. They explain the strengths and weaknesses of each insect and discuss the likely outcome of the match. The show uses actual insect footage. Sound effects are used to transform these acts of nature into traditional fighting matches with commentary similar to that of wrestling and boxing matches.

Some of the insect battles in this series are a spiny leaf insect versus a giant rainforest mantis and a bulldog ant against a redback spider. There are other fights involving one insect against many. This includes the tree scorpion and red ants, plus the battle of army ants agains a rainforest crab. There are also fights between groups of insects, including battles between ants and wasps.

Each fight includes added sound effects. Some sounds include screams and battle cries. Although the program is made for comedic entertainment, the facts gained from the program are all scientific. Each episode covers an average of five different battles between different insect species. They even have an episode that consists of the top ten insect battles for the series.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Science Channel
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes - Currently Airing
Documentary & Biography
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Monster Bug Wars Full Episode Guide

  • A Leaf-tailed Mantis fights a Raspy Cricket and an armored Spiny Spider is ambushed by a Crab Spider. An underwater Mudeye duels with a Water Bug, then a Domino Beetle fights a Crimson-legged Assassin Bug while a Mangrove Tree Crab faces a Leopard Spider.

  • A Leaf Cutter Ant faces a House Spider, a Costa Rican Cellar Spider fights a Geophilid Centipede, a Tiger Jumping Spider fights a Rainforest Jumping Spider, and a Katydid meets an Orange-mouth Tarantula. Then Dinosaur Ants battle a bunch of Trap Jaw Ants.

  • A baby Scorpion blithely takes on a battle-blooded Pirate Spider; a mother-to-be Rufus Comb-footed Spider fights a Spitting Spider, and a Lichen Bark Mantis tackles a Rock Spider. A Candy Cane Katydid and a Bug Eyed Katydid clash.

  • Violence erupts as a Giant Cockroach fights a Red-rump Tarantula; a Stripe-tailed Centipede targets a Vinegarroon, and an Orange Horned Katydid tackles a Banana Spider. A Golden Carpenter Ant tries to nail a Flag-tailed Assassin Bug.

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