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Monsterquest is a television series that ran for four seasons on the History Channel. The show was based on the study, research, and looking for of various types of cryptozoological and paranormal creatures in the real world. The show focused on trying to find these creatures based on eye witness stories from all over the world. The show ran from 2007 until 2010. The show is narrated by Stan Benard.

Season One of the show ran from October 2007 until January of 2008. There were 14 episodes. Season One covered America's Loch Ness Monster, a Bigfoot sighting in Ontario and a continued search through the United States, Giant Squids found in Mexico, Thunderbird sightings around the United States, mutated canines, large predatory lion-cats, killer fish, the reports of a Skunk Ape, Killer Apemen from Russia, atmospheric aliens, hobbit-like human beings, a giant ape similar to King Kong, and a werewolf like creature in America.

Season Two of the show ran from May to October of 2008. There were 20 episodes in season two. Season two of the show ran episodes featuring hog monsters, vampiric feeders such as the chupacabra, ghost sightings, continued Bigfoot coverage and history from the Native American stories about bigfoot creatures, giant snakes, a pantheresque black beast, vampires, giant octopusses, wild Chinese savages, giant bears and squids, monstrous spiders, mutated and enlarged sharks, and dragons.

Season Three of Monsterquest aired in February of 2009 and finished in October. The third season has 25 episodes. The material covered includes the Loch Ness monster and potential death, creatures able to mutilate and drain animals for blood, swamp creatures, devils and elemental demons, sewer alligators, mountain beast killers, prehistoric sharks, close up encounters with monsters, sea monsters, islands full of ape creatures, extinct big cats, killer jellyfish, flying monsters, monkey men, killer crocs, dinosaurs, mutated dogs and monkeys, Moby Dick monsters, and the Abominable Snowman.

The last season of Monsterquest aired in January of 2010 and ended in March. There were nine episodes. Season four covered werewolves, monster sharks, hillbilly men, pythons in America, killer bees, moth men creatures, piranha invasions, and lizard monsters. The show was cancelled mid-season in season four, with no sign of the show being restarted in the future.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
4 Seasons, 68 Episodes - Canceled
October 31, 2007
Documentary & Biography, Science & Technology
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  • History says that a large and wolf-like beast is the stuff of legend, but recently uncovered film footage and new witnesses say something frightening is out there. MonsterQuest heads into the dark, isolated forests of the Midwest to search for this creature and analyzes the evidence to finally end this mystery.

  • Ancient petroglyphs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains depict footprints from packs of hairy man-like beasts. Now, MonsterQuest heads to California where witnesses are encountering aggressively territorial packs of Sasquatch.

  • In the fall of 1952, witnesses in Flatwoods, West Virginia, reportedly encountered a beast that was human-like in appearance but with reptilian skin. Sightings continue so MonsterQuest deployed the latest high-tech search gear to uncover this mysterious beast that continues to terrorize this town.

  • Piranhas are the fresh-water monsters of the Amazon, and now they are appearing in U.S. fresh waters. How are they adapting and surviving?

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