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Monsters and Mysteries in America is an hour long reality television show that airs on Destination America. There are usually three separate stories about monsters and mysteries. This hour long series shows numerous people telling about their unthinkable encounters with the unknown. These encounters are presumed real by the people who have witnessed theses anomalies. Examples of these reported anomalies that this show includes are lake monsters, Bigfoot, the Flathead monster, vampires, Badlands of Route 666, curses, UFO's, ghosts, leprechauns, wildman, Mothman, and swamp monsters.

Each person has a limited amount of time to state their story and any evidence to support their reporting, such as witnesses testimonials or tangible pictures. Each person has a different story to tell. No two stories are exactly the same. Most of the people are afraid of being ridiculed for coming on television with these stories of monsters. But, other people really want the truth to be told about monsters and the mysteries surrounding these reportedly curious myths.

A lot of these stories come from legends and myths that were told and retold generation after generation. Ancestors would tell of bloodshed, pain, or death as an answer for why these monsters are in existence. But, not all of the monsters or mysteries can be explained so easily. Outsiders who know nothing about the land or the legends of these monsters, will sometimes find themselves face to face with one either by camping in the wilderness, or staying somewhere that has reported monsters in that area. They now will have their own story to tell and can back up somebody else's story of eyewitness reports of monsters. The people who were skeptical at first usually aren't so skeptical after they have a close encounter of their own. Sometimes the people telling the stories will take a lie detector test to solidify if the truth is being told or if there is any deception indicated.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
4 Seasons, 36 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 24, 2013
Documentary & Biography, Mystery
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Monsters and Mysteries in America Full Episode Guide

  • In the late 1960's the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia is besieged by a series of monstrous creatures, blood-seeking UFO's, and mysterious men in black. Two reporters seek answers, culminating in one of the deadliest disasters in U.S. history.

  • Townsfolk in Southern Illinois are alarmed by a large demonic predator. Then next a couple of helicopter pilots find themselves under attack from a UFO.

  • An entire family takes up arms in a rooftop showdown with the Spottsville Monster, a vicious beast with a taste for flesh. Eerie Phantoms protect survivors of one of America's most deadly tornadoes and New Jersey fishermen face off with a gigantic bug.

  • A cold-blooded reptilian beast preys upon unsuspecting campers along the South Carolina coast. A seductive succubus with a taste for terror targets a young rock musician. A mad scientist's monstrous flying monkeys unleash their wrath upon Napa Valley.

  • The AIMS team travels to Webster County, West Virginia, to investigate the legendary Webster Werewolf, a massive wolf-like creature with ancient mythical ties. The team meets with eyewitnesses and works to complete a pit-trap before the full moon passes.

  • In a small Vermont town, a legendary monster, the Pigman, unleashes its beastliness upon trespassing teenagers.

  • After discovering some attack in Columbus, Ind., a monster hunt ensues.

  • A terrible unseen force turns normal men into zombies who get a craving for human flesh. Tragedy befalls anyone who encounters a cursed Dybbuk Box, while young girls are being hunted by the Shenango Dog Boy.

  • A group is frightened by some scary creatures lurking along the Sabine River.

  • Across America, unidentified creatures have terrorized entire towns. With an appetite for residents, cold-blooded, sewer-dwelling reptoids are said to lurk beneath Los Angeles—and in the forests of Tennessee hunters encounter the legendary Wildman.

  • Ever since UFO sightings began, reports of mysterious dark suited men have followed. These Men-in-Black have been spotted around the world, threatening witnesses and destroying evidence. Are they government agents, extraterrestrial or something demonic?

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