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Moonlight is an American paranormal activity television related series created by Ron Koslow and writer Trevor Munson. The series was first created as a presentation lasting for fourteen to twenty minutes long. When the television series was actually recast into a show, the people from the presentation were almost all replaced by new actors. The series includes romance and drama, which is about a private investigator Mick St. John, who was turned into a vampire by his bride Coraline, on the happy couple's wedding night fifty - five years ago. In the present day, Mick struggles with his fatal attraction to a mortal woman Beth, his friendship with Josef, and his other dealings with vampires in Los Angeles.

Moonlight's characters were conceived in a book by Trevor Munson who spent two and a half years writing the novel containing them. The story was adapted into a feature film script, and then into a television series. Moonlight was originally named Twilight. In the book, Mick is now eighty - five years old, and does not hunt women, children, or those who are innocent, and his love interest Beth is an internet reporter and has vague memories of being rescued by Mick from a kidnapper twenty two years prior to the present. Josef is a four hundred and ten year old vampire who is a business man who doesn't stint himself in luxuries, from an expensive house to the company of numerous beautiful women who are more than happy to be a part of his desire for blood, he is also Mick's mentor and friend. Coraline is Mick's ex - wife and sire, she is approximately three hundred and forty years old and was presumed dead for twenty years after the couple was estranged. When she returns from France, she appears to be completely human and claims to have a cure for vampirism, which consequently, Mick just so happens to be very desperate to obtain from her so he can give up his immortality so that he and Beth can be together as mortals until they die.

Moonlight is paranormal because it is based on a very unique mythology, between biting, drinking blood, turning humans to vampires by sires, etc.

The CW
1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
September 28, 2007
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure, Vampire, Fantasy, Horror & Suspense
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Moonlight Full Episode Guide

  • Mick and Beth must face mortality and immortality when a vampire kills a human during the heat of passion. But when the investigation threatens to identify all those with vampire identities, Mick and Josef must take action.

  • Beth is given more information about Mick's secretive past after the grandson of Mick's World War II friend is kidnapped.

  • A Hollywood starlet is murdered after hiring Mick as a part of her security team, thinking that her life was in danger by the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Beth's ethics are questioned.

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