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Former fashion model Maddie Hayes finds that her accountant has embezzled all of her money. She is left broke and has no idea what to do. One of her few remaining assets is ownership of the Blue Moon Detective Agency. She plans to liquidate the Blue Moon . . . until she meets its unique employees. Led by main detective David Addison, and secretary Agnes Dipesto, the Blue Moon Detective Agency is actually a unique and fun experience for Maddie. She quickly gets involved with the company and takes part in their quirky cases.

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5 Seasons, 67 Episodes - Ended
Comedy, Drama, Romance
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Moonlighting Full Episode Guide

  • Dave breaks it off with Annie when her husband comes to California, everyone attends the wedding of Burt and Agnes, and the agency closes its doors for a final time as everyone tries to figure out why it all had to end.

  • Dave helps Maddie entertain her cousin Annie, who's visiting California to get a perspective on her marriage.

  • Burt pouts and frantically tries to solve the crime when Agnes is forced to miss his family reunion because she won't vote to convict a man of murdering his partner / lover.

  • David goes beyond the call of duty to help entertain Maddie's cousin Annie, and Maddie realizes that David may be over his obsession with her.

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