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American History is an interesting, sometimes sordid tale, that relies on bloodshed, crime and sometimes illegal activities. That, while seemingly cold and callous is what the United States was built on; of course not exclusively, but it played a part. "Moonshiners", a show featured on the Discovery Channel, is a reality show the delves into the world of moonshine production.

Moonshine, for those not in the know, is a type of alcohol that is made and sold without the legal licenses and authority. It is often created deep in the woods of the deep south. Moonshine is differentiated from other liquors by its distinct taste, high alcohol content. Moonshine is generally 180 proof to 190 proof.

The show is currently in its second season. The first season and introductory episodes used footage from a 2002 documentary that took a look at modern-day bootlegging. The Documentary was aired on PBS and Discovery legally bought the rights to use it. The documentary took a look at illegal bootlegging operations and the reason people continue to produce such liquor regardless of the legal issues. The documentary featured a bootlegger who was arrested in 2009 for illegally distilling alcohol. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and later committed suicide.

The bootleggers shown in the show are believed to be "recreating" what one would do if they were bootlegging. The government of Virginia, were much of the show is being filmed, has stated publicly that if any illegal activity was actually taking place that arrests would be made. It would appear as though the Discovery Channel has recreated, for the public, the deep underbelly of a society that simply does not want to the world to know they exist.

Regardless, "Moonshiners", is an interesting, captivating and thrilling look into one of the businesses that has quietly existed under the radar for decades and the culture that surrounds it. Moonshining, for some, isn't just a business or activity; it is a passed down tradition and a way of life.

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  • Mark and Jeff feel the heat of law officials. Tim's plan to give a backwoods makeover to Troy's distillery will be costly. Tickle tries to sell his Kentucky made white lightning.

  • Tickle nails down a stash spot. Josh and Bill clash in the backwoods. Jim Tom and Roy are back in action. Mark and Digger modernize their still. And Mark and Jeff put the bells and whistles on their new shine spot.

  • It's Christmas in Appalachia and whether it's pig pickin', duck hunting or holiday trimmings, these moonshiners are all about tradition and a whole lot of shine!

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