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"Motives and Murder" is the investigative documentary program that follows law enforcement agencies, as police and crime scene technicians track down notorious killers. This program takes an in-depth look at the investigation process that the police and the FBI use as they investigate some of the brutal murders that are reported in the United States. One key investigative tool is understanding the motive behind the murder for a sense of getting inside of the mind of the murderer. Along with the police, to help solve a homicide are crime scene technicians and forensic scientists at state crime laboratories who are also in colaboration with the homicide investigation team.

A homicide investigation is a complex puzzle, each clue that is discovered by police is a piece of the larger puzzle of the motive. Depending if the killer has only one victim or in the case of a serial killer having multiple victims, investigators must make a profile of the crime as well as the killer who commited the murder, knowing that motive is the deciding key to solving the murder. Crimes of passion, revenge killings and sometimes the so called honor killings, all of these type of murders have motives attatched to them in some way or form.

Most people don't realize that a murderer can be someone they know in their neighborhood. In cases where a murder happens in a residential neighborhood, police will interview the neighbors of the victim as part of the investigative procedure. Discovering the motive behind the murder itself, this can bring police closer to solving a homicide case. Forensic evidence like DNA is used to identify both victims and killers from biological fluids and hair samples that is analyzed in a crime lab. No matter how long a homicide investigation is, forensic evidence is the one key in uncovering the evidence to help solve the murder.

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Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
5 Seasons, 49 Episodes - Currently Airing
Crime, Documentary & Biography, Mystery
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  • The rape and murder of a 19-year-old journalism student goes unsolved and is added to a string of unsolved homicides in a college town.

  • Investigating the kidnapping of 12-year-old Polly Klaas who was abducted during a slumber party at her home.

  • When Cathy Lamb is brutally murdered in her Palm Beach, Florida home, the only witnesses are her three blood-soaked dogs.

  • Single mother Donna Kitowski heads to a Las Vegas supermarket late at night and then vanishes.

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