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Mr. Sunshine stars Matthew Perry as Ben Donovan, manager of a sports and entertainment arena in San Diego. Ben, a boastful, self-centered, shallow womanizer who's just hit his 40th birthday, has the unenviable task of keeping the Sunshine Arena functioning despite a demented, capricious boss (Allison Janney), her dimwitted son who Ben has to find a job for (Nate Torrence), and a high-strung secretary with disturbingly psychotic tendencies (Portia Doubleday).

Rounding out the cast are Andrea Anders as Ben's ex-girlfriend and the arena's marketing director. She happens to be dating a former pro basketball player who now works as the Sunshine Arena's public relations agent, played by James Lesure. The Sunshine Arena is also home to many unusual characters, including a sports announcer who shares far too much over the mike, a mascot who never removes his costume, and a maintenance man whose name Ben can never remember. The heart of the show are Ben's flailing attempts to finally grow up and become a better person after 40 years of being a jerk. There's very little sunshine in Mr. Sunshine; Ben can be a genuinely unpleasant person, but Perry's charm and his attempts at redemption make him bearable, and the supporting cast is strong and funny.

With its occasionally dark and bitter humor and surprising moments of sincerity, Mr. Sunshine will appeal to fans of shows like Arrested Development and Better Off Ted. The show ran for 9 episodes on ABC. Four extra episodes were filmed but not aired in the US.

1 Season, 9 Episodes - Canceled
February 9, 2011
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  • Ironically, Ben's one-night-stand turns out to be Crystal's new assistant.

  • Ben is paired with Alonzo to play doubles against tennis legend Jimmy Connors and actor Fred Savage in a celebrity tennis tournament.

  • On Crystal's anniversary with Billy, one of her ex-husbands, Ben encourages her to find him to permanently end that chapter in her life.

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