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"Mr. Young" is the comedy sitcom about a genius, fourteen year old boy that gets a teaching position for a science class at a local middle school. Much to the shock of his students, to see a boy much like themselves teaching a class is something that is hard to accept. Many crazy antics ensue during the school year, with all sorts of weird experiments going haywire in the science lab. Plus, Mr. Young is learning first hand that trying to see at the level of his students is more difficult in practice than in theory. A certain member of the school's faculty can be a little quirky at times, much to the annoyance of Mr. Young and the students.

Each episode is filled with all sorts of hilarious hijinks that are sure to entertain the whole family. The unusual things that can occur at this school are very comical in a very light hearted way. Each student has a unique perspective on the daily life at school that creates insights on the overall plot of the program in trying to add some scientific value, because Mr. Young is the school's science teacher. Disney has created a new market regarding television programs for pre-teens and teenagers in the past ten years. Programs like Mr. Young have received approval from parents that are involved in the lives of their teens.

Teens can choose whether they would like to watch the show or not. Given Disney's reputation for wholesome entertainment that reinforces positive values, this program is sure to give the audience plenty of laughs at the craziest situations that the characters get into in each episode. Viewers can log onto the Internet to write comments on the program, giving their opinions online.

Tuesday 6:30 PM et/pt on YTV
2 Seasons, 46 Episodes - Canceled
March 1, 2011
Comedy, Family
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Mr. Young Full Episode Guide

  • After destroying Principal Tater's scooter, Adam, Echo, Derby, Ivy and Slab get called into his office for questioning, and each has their own version of what happened.

  • Santa falls from his sleigh onto school property, losing his memory, so Adam and the gang help deliver the toys in a quest to save Christmas.

  • After ruining Principal Tater's scooter, Adam, Echo, Derby, Ivy and Slab get called into his office and are questioned. They all have conflicting stories.

  • Adam's brain-mapping experiment doesn't go as planned, causing the gang's personalities to be switched.

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