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Series Length:1 Season, 10 Episodes
Network: MTV

Watch some of MTV's all time best animated series. Featuring classic favorites like Daria and Aeon Flux, plus newer ones like Good Vibes, this is a playlist not to be missed.

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10 iTunes Episodes
  • Mondo and Woodie have a sleepover at Wadska's house so Mondo can get closer to Jeena. Wadska, however, has a fun packed night organized for the two boys. Whilst this is all going on, Mondo's mum has a girls night out with Mrs Tweets.

  • Includes Gelatinous F.A.T., Affirmative Reaction, Worker's Comp, Smackfight, and America's Most Talented Fetus.

  • Jim wakes up to find an alien, Roy, who claims to be saving the human race, has inhabited his head, expanding it to unconventional proportions and alarming local scientists, feds, and extraterrestrials alike.

  • Tonight's 'When Animals Attack' Deathmatch features fights from Horatio Sanz vs. Chris Farley, Jamie Foxx vs. Ray Charles, and a pair of battling Batmen.

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